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Beate collaborates with Darkroom Digital for this still life splash series. Images are comprised of between 7-9 plates giving the moving water dynamic form.

Beate says:
‘My main motivation was to showcase my skill at photographing liquid and splashes. In this I experimented with geometric shapes and colour. I think there is some magic when the water meets the geometric shapes and how they interact. The soft natural uncontrolled shapes and tones of the water interacting with the controlled, constructed and hard shape of the perspex sheets with their strong and bold colours.’


Shot on land, below the waves and from the air. Nigel captures Red Paddle’s energy and durability.

Guy recently shot Bombardier’s ‘March to your Own Drummer’ with professional musician and inspirational speaker Roy Turnham bashing out tunes on a soaked drum kit.

Nigel recently shot these whilst in Portugal. Clearly its the place to go if you miss the summer!