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New work from Beate for Vogue UK, in collaboration with the expert jewellers at Vashi.

The creative team selected parchment paper in various textures and tones to create an elegant mise en scene to harmonise with the jewellery. However, the team experimented with brasher approaches and used some darker card and even torn paper to give each product its own visual identity.

Beate worked with British Vogue to capture these stunning visuals for an article focussed on the repurposing of beauty products after their use.

Sustainability has been tricky territory, even with the growing natural beauty revolution. The cosmetic industry continues to produce 120 billion units of packaging per year. The series was commissioned to inspire new uses for beauty products people possess, from old compacts for storage, through to candle holders becoming tumblers or a miniature vase, Beate gives the series her distinct style.

Beate takes a sneak peek into Gucci’s ‘Wonder Factory’ for Vogue’s latest feature.

The brief allowed Beate and her team to experiment with tiny forest sets. Each of which draw upon something unique look of each time-piece to create a phantasmagorical scene.

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Beate shot this Christmas Gift set for the historic December 2017 issue of British Vogue.

This month Vogue relaunches itself with Editor ‘Edward Emminful’ leading the charge.


Beate shot this Avon Feature for Vogue, from her riverside studio.

Material and light work together in denoting a distinguished atmosphere. The hard edges of elegant materials sit in juxtaposition to the product curves. The serum is placed at an angle in the frame to communicate the rotation function and its infinite results.

In the foreground, a reflection of the product creates a red wisp of light.


Beate photographed and styled the image (left) for Vogue, working with the latest in new technology from GHD.


Beate Sonnenberg recently photographed Aventus by Creed for Vogue.

This double page feature was shot using multiple passes.