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Marco Walker presents a new body of work capturing the current zeitgeist of ambivalence towards power and authority in his third solo exhibition entitled Utopia/Dystopia.

During the last year, Walker travelled through remote regions of former Yugoslavia, including Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo and Croatia to uncover a series of gargantuan, concrete monuments commissioned by the late President Tito to herald a new, unified order for competing nationalities, language and religions.

The collapse of Yugoslavia followed the death of Tito in 1980 but these monuments or Spotmeniks challenge our hopes and ideologies and although overtly political in origin, they emerge reborn in Walker’s photographs as objects of undeniable beauty.

“I was drawn to their sheer size, their extraordinary shapes and their commanding simplicity. As war memorials, they were like nothing I’d ever imagined or seen but what struck me most was how much utter destruction it took to establish such beauty.” Walker said.

By using pre-fogged analogue film and old-fashioned printing processes such as cyanotype and Van Dyke, Walker moves beyond the present spectacle and subject matter towards a painterly, dreamlike state reminding the viewer of the fragile nature of the present state itself, an oscillating moment between the future and the past, between utopia and dystopia.