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Erik was approached by Green Haus Agency to harness the beauty of Newport Beach for a campaign designed to engage with peoples imagination.

With one eye dedicated to creating a visual masterpiece, and the other contemplating the creation of accompanying motion. This shoot, as with many of his other projects this year showcase a rich ability to switch from constant lighting to directing the action of play out rather than encouraging held poses.


Oli Kellett has spent the last 12 months traveling back and forth to the US, making trips to LA, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, New York and Atlanta.

All on a shoestring budget, he stayed in hostels and spent his days walking city streets with minimal kit, discovering subtle differences between the cities, motivated by the endless possibility of chance. Drawing inspiration from some of the pioneers of Chicago street photography; Harry Callahan and Ray Metzker, his new collection continues the long tradition of documenting people within urban environments.

During a time of uncertainty and change, Oli found contextual interest in documenting people at crossroads, drawing on the idea of Americans finding themselves at political crossroads.

And there’s more where that came from… lookout for the next installment sometime in 2019.