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Sunday Times Style commissioned Beate to photograph Retinol in a way that drew on the design of the product.

With this in mind, Beate created an abstract visualisation for the product using multi-layered perspex, cut with holes. ‘Retinoids work by prompting surface skin cells to turn over and die rapidly, making way for new cell growth underneath different surface layers of the skin.’

Claudalie was shot for Sunday times. Beate uses her signature lighting style to create waves of light that sweep across the scene, the pastel background is interjected by focal light formed by light passing through small clear beads sprinkled around the set.

Beate photographed ‘Michelle & Trinny’ for Sunday Times.

For both images, the team decided to hint at the colourful tones. This has been achieved through mirrors & light, the packaging is even worked in as a structural element to the scene.

Beate was commissioned by The Sunday Times to capture ‘The Style List: Women’s Gifts” guide.

The draping set and colourful images were created from Beate’s riverside studio. Over four days the team twisted fabric to create hard shapes.

Click HERE to see The Style List: Women’s Gifts Guide in full.

Beate works together with The Sunday Times creative team to create these intricate features.

Originally the first image was going to feature flowers, to denote fragrance. However, the team did not feel it delivered a contemporary atmosphere so in its place, Beate layered blue shapes beneath the products.

Beate also photographed the red lipstick on a striped pattern to guide the eye and intersect hard shadows, all against a vibrant red background.

The Sunday Times flew Beate to Paris in order to capture some very specialist jewellery for the latest feature.

On arrival the creative team set to work highlighting unique features of each piece with flowers and ripe fruit.


With popping colour and raised vantage points, Beate creates graphic shapes for this weeks Sunday Times Style Magazine.

Drawing on the works of Rothco, Beate interlocks colour to guide the eye through frame.


Beate was commissioned by Sunday Times Style for a creative series on summer fragrances.

Coloured card and cut perspex were used to emphasise product shape and fragrance.