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Rob’s recent commission for Hendricks Gin got him creating a miniature & magical botanist garden table in his very own studio!

With the prop stylist sourcing all kinds of weird and wonderful objects, the team set to work creating a few quirky motion clips to accompany the final photographs.

FUN new work from Marco Walker! The upbeat spring/summer atmosphere comes straight from the sands of Santa Monica.

Marco uses a candid style from the colourful beach house and with flowing garments the team captured power in nature and spirit.

Nigel recently shot these whilst in Portugal. Clearly its the place to go if you miss the summer!

Martini commissioned Rob Lawson for a series of images to be captured across the European continent.

He also directed the Motion segment to accompany these stills.

So here are a few cheeky behind the scenes.

Elle Magazine recently commissioned this salute to the summer to promote Stella McCartney’s latest fragrance. Beate’s incorporating of the coloured perspex was very much inspired by the fragrance’s name ‘Pop’.


Happy new collection day!

Shot for Sainsbury’s Gok for TU clothing range.   These floral designs take place in a hot and humid ‘rainforest’, with a little added twist.

Bring on the summer!