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Seedlip commissioned Rob to capture a whole range of beautifully crafted and creative drinks for the release of their cocktail book, which launches in November 2018.

Published by Penguin, it is set to give the public a richer understanding of Seedlip and its uses, the worlds first non-alcoholic distilled spirit.


Rob takes Seedlip Autumn into a unique setting.

Reflecting on the natural way in which the non-alcoholic drink is distilled. Creating his very own botanical garden/laboratory.

The team decided on a symbolic smoke signal to reflect the product’s label, joining the world of nature and science.

The latest serene and elegant drinks photography for Seedlip draws on the purity of this product, which leads to some unconventional mixers.

Rob recently photographed¬†these gentle shots for the launch of Seedlip’s second non-alcoholic spirit in its range.

Seedlip’s Garden 108.