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Peter was commissioned by Royal Salute for a series of inspiring images that depict a glorified scene from the brands’ history.

Each of these illustrated depictions draws on different aspects, worlds & cultures the product has reached, to portray this the illustration outstretches the front door framing. The concepts are intended to engage and bring alive a new range of packaging, this was achieved by creating worlds of wonder on set.

Beate traveled to the Southern tip of Corsica to create these sun soaked visuals for Armani.

The whole shoot took place from the front deck of a yacht moored off shore. Despite stormy seas and Dior bottles slipping around more than silk on skin, everything was captured on location – quite a feat!

– Beate –

“The challenges were the overall condition of the weather because it was very windy any reflectors and cards had to be handheld otherwise they would have been blown out to sea!”




Rob made haste to Portugal with Drambuie for a new lifestyle drinks campaign on rooftops and by the sea. The warmer climate was a welcome change in the peak of winter.

Rob’s latest graphic still life project features Haig Club in a literal ”Icebox’.

Perfect for the sizzling summer weather, so chill!

Pernod Ricard’s wine portfolio was the focus of Rob’s latest lifestyle drinks shoot. Food matching was key to complimenting the wine in this beautiful kitchen setting.


Rob goes underground for the latest Haig Club mixers celebrating international festivals.

Rob worked with the premium tonic brand ‘London Essence’ in the peak of winter.
Using set build and creative lighting, you’d never know the window pane had begun to frost.

Rob Shot this festive series in triptychs for Haig Club’s multimedia digital channels.

Rob shot polished, incidental stills and directed the motion for Balvenie’s new campaign. Shot in various bars across the City of London.

Rob Lawson recently shot these for the new Haig Club campaign. Using the Miami Skyline as the backdrop these dusk and evening shots were to capture ‘The New World of Style and Taste’.