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POWER PLANT is currently featured at The Dots Project 15-27th September.

The origins for this project can be attributed to an American scientist who experimented and proved that plants have feelings.  Designed to celebrate the beauty of the natural world, whilst acknowledging that the precense of humanity is an ever present danger.

– Marco Walker –
“I hope I bring more awareness to the world of plants, as we’re so caught up in digital world, where we take less time to stop and appreciate our surroundings.”

The intense use of colour is derived from direct flash and postproduction. However this series was shot using coloured filters, the resulting images were then cut up and layering as if a collage, Marco then photographs the resulting images to create a third layer of ‘POP’.

We are pleased to announce ‘POWER PLANT’ a solo show featuring the practice of London based photographer Marco Walker at The Dot Project.
94 Fulham Road, SW3 6HS

Fascinated by the natural world, Walker’s current body of work extends his exploration into the extraordinary world of plats, through the mediums of photography and collage.

Walker continues to depict the natural world in bold and resolute ways, influenced by Matisse cutouts and Pop Artist Eduardo Paolozzi, he uses striking colours to tease the viewer, inviting them in and keeping them at bay. His works engage with themes of escapism and paradise, celebrating nature’s beauty whilst at the same time walker aims to remind the viewer of our disconnect to nature, leading us to exploit and destroy it.

“My aim through this series of images is to celebrate the beauty of plants and while doing so, remind us, of the part they play in our existence” – Marco Walker.

Marco’s first show ‘Wanderlust’ was shown in London and New York, and consisted of a series of abstract landscapes shot on infrared film. In 2015, Walker held a solo show at the ICA, ‘ZAP / SNAP’ and exhibited a series of works at ‘Recontres des Aries’ photo festival in South-West France.