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What does it mean to be a man today?
Huck magazine are collaborating with Levi’s Performance Denim to explore how creative men are challenging outdated expectations of performance, status and identity.

Owen spoke to Huck about his upbringing and how his body of work reflects the changing face of masculinity.

As well as this, Owen created sensitive, hand-printed portraits of the other featured artists – recording artist, Tofel Santana and artist Kirill Grigorev to accompany their features.

Read Owen’s interview and watch the film here.

Turbans and Tales is a proud celebration of portrait photography expressing the Sikh identity and culture created my Amit and Naroop.

This project shares the unforgettable stories of the subject’s experience of perseverance, progress and determination. These images have been seen by millions and have become a piece of history, breaking the barriers of self-perception whilst sharing diverse stories of the turban.

The award-winning exhibition provoked positive conversations for subgroups, and came into fruition being successfully funded on Kickstarter. Turbans and Tales became displayed multiple times in the UK, then receiving international acclaim, Amit & Naroop partnered with The Sikh Coalition to create a U.S version. The series was photographed in New York, then exhibited in Soho, Manhattan gathering crowds of over a thousand people a day.

“Photographing these portraits has been a real labour of love and was inspired by the sudden popularity of the beard as a fashion statement in 2013.Being of the Sikh faith, we found this intriguing. In our culture the beard is a constant, a key tradition and an integral and important identifying feature of a Sikh male. Inspired, we developed a project focused on the identity, the look of the beard, and equally important, the turban of British Sikh men.” Amit & Naroop.”Diversity is the fabric of life. Organisations and society need the courage to embrace the ever-changing face of today’s world. It takes strength to stay together. It takes resilience to stick to one’s values. Turbans and Tales provokes positive conversations about identity and will reframe the way minorities are seen. “

The subjects chosen to appear in the photographs were all from various backgrounds and generations, some were aspiring footballers and kickboxers while others worked in politics or medicine. Having photographed a number of celebrities, the pair found working with inexperienced subjects posed a new challenge. “None of these guys hd ever had a professional photo shoot. So, for them, it was quite daunting and nerve-wracking,” Naroop states.

Turbans and Tales is a culmination of four years, including extensive research, hours of production, shooting and carefully curated editing. It takes you on a journey from conception, allowing you to experience the personality and the emotions of the subjects in the portraits, whilst providing a history to the turban itself. Each of the portraits is accompanied with the true words from the subjects, their tales, the stories of their experiences and the relevant meaning of their turban – the importance of individuality.

Buy your copy here.

Nigel shot this series for Cycle Surgery ‘AW16’ out in Iceland.

Part of an ongoing series for Runners Need, these shots concentrated on the Puma brand.