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Raphael Rowe stars in Amit & Naroop’s latest work. He spent twelve years in maximum security prison, accused of a murder he didn’t commit. Sentenced to life without parole, he fought for his freedom and his conviction was overturned.

Upon his release, he became a successful journalist for the BBC, and his show ‘Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons’ became a smash hit on Netflix.

His story is inspiring and insightful. A man who never gave up.

Trayler & Trayler proudly announces the signing of the extremely talented duo, Amit & Naroop.

London born and bred, Amit and Naroop began working together in 2003, using Amit’s mother’s living room as a makeshift studio. Within a year they had their own studio and began to become the dominant force in the music industry.
They have held exhibitions in London, New York, Los Angeles, and their book Turbans and Tales will be released in January 2019 through Unbound/Penguin Random House.

Working as a duo, Amit & Naroop have a unique ability to divide and conquer the creation of still & moving image simultaneously. They place a heavy emphasis on using their people skills to draw out the best of their subjects and are not shy. Believing that in order to deliver the best results, there must be an uplifting atmosphere on set, something they take great pride in cultivating.

So you best watch this space!

Dragan was commissioned by BBDO Berlin for the latest Blaues Kreuz campaign.

The graphic portraits are a mix of studio shots and feature CGI characters drowning in the abusers throat.

Guy shot these playful portraits for the upcoming Superdrug campaign. With models arriving all day, the team got imaginative with these funky props.




Shot for the latest series of ITV’s crime thriller ‘Dark Heart’.

Guy recently shot Bombardier’s ‘March to your Own Drummer’ with professional musician and inspirational speaker Roy Turnham bashing out tunes on a soaked drum kit.

Hugh’s recent shoot takes on a personality of its own…

With this ongoing series of ‘FAMILY PORTRAITS’ a visual exploration into the observable characteristics, or phenotype, that are passed down from parent to offspring. The resulting depiction not only defines their genetic lineage, but also composites a fictional ‘THIRD PERSON’.

But a little birdie tells us that neither Mother or daughter think the final image looks anything like themselves… but everything like the other.

Click to see the full project

Guy’s recent commission draws on course diversity to deliver a series of imaginative portraits to be featured in an upcoming marketing campaign and prospectus.



Commissioned location Shoot featuring Mads Mikkelsen for XTB, Poland.