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Dragan was commissioned by BBDO Berlin for the latest Blaues Kreuz campaign.

The graphic portraits are a mix of studio shots and feature CGI characters drowning in the abusers throat.

Dressed from head to toe in polyester, Oli treads around Audi’s super slick warehouse for a series in car photography, aimed at young engineers.

Guy shot these playful portraits for the upcoming Superdrug campaign. With models arriving all day, the team got imaginative with these funky props.




The International Colour Awards live streamed the competition winners on March 4th and we are delighted that a number of our artists picked up awards.


Beate Sonnenberg:

Category: Abstract

Title: Dancing Colors

Award: 1st Place – Outstanding Achievement


Category: Abstract

Title: Skin Lanndry

Award: Honourable Mention



Nigel Riches:

Category: Advertising

Title: Supermalt Carnival

Award: Honourable Mention


Category: Portrait

Title: Gary Swim  

Award: Honourable Mention


Category: Americana

Title: Rollerskating Hero

Award: Honourable Mention



Oli Kellett:

Category: Americana

Title: New York Taxis

Award: Honourable Mention

Shot for the latest series of ITV’s crime thriller ‘Dark Heart’.

Guy recently shot Bombardier’s ‘March to your Own Drummer’ with professional musician and inspirational speaker Roy Turnham bashing out tunes on a soaked drum kit.

Hugh’s recent shoot takes on a personality of its own…

With this ongoing series of ‘FAMILY PORTRAITS’ a visual exploration into the observable characteristics, or phenotype, that are passed down from parent to offspring. The resulting depiction not only defines their genetic lineage, but also composites a fictional ‘THIRD PERSON’.

But a little birdie tells us that neither Mother or daughter think the final image looks anything like themselves… but everything like the other.

Click to see the full project

Guy’s recent commission draws on course diversity to deliver a series of imaginative portraits to be featured in an upcoming marketing campaign and prospectus.



Commissioned location Shoot featuring Mads Mikkelsen for XTB, Poland.