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Owen Harvey showcases the US subculture scene of ‘Lowriding’ with the series “Ground Clearance”, inspired by the 1940’s subdivision of politically statemented and brightly decorated Latino vehicles, and their rider’s relevance and impact within society.

During the post war prosperity of the 1950’s, a rapidly growing and evolving subculture developed in the US, Latino youths placed sandbags in their custom cars so that the body of the vehicle would be grazing along riding close to the road. Adopting the motto of “slow and low” and embellishing the vehicles in political statements and evocative imagery, implementing this aesthetic to occupy space and place on the highway, this mode of transport acted as a microcosm of the political impact the Latino community embodied and emulated in this era.

The collection shot by Owen Harvey showcases images of the Lowriding culture in 2016-2017, yet is being released in 2019 to highlight the political relevance of the Latino Community in today’s society and the change in conversation within the US.

Technology has evolved creating these low riding vehicles through hydraulics and these cars are distinguished for rolling on wire-spoke wheels with whitewall tires (rims range from 13″-20″), low riding is popular amongst many cultures with global appeal through the popularisation of this driving style in music videos, film and advertising.

The series by Owen Harvey is available for retail, exhibition and display, for more information about Owen Harvey and his work, please get in touch freelance@traylerandtrayler.com

As part of a new campaign, Great Lengths commissioned a dramatic and styalised beauty series shot at a private house in York.

His established approach of creating in camera resulted in a single manic shoot day with a 25 strong crew.

Clearly, never one to shy away from a challenge!


Hugh Kretchmer on The Atlantic Magazines ‘Secret shame of the middle class’ feature.

Tackling the grim reality for the middle class, Hugh brings his surreal aesthetic to fruition by masking the identities but emphasising emotional struggle.



We are proud to celebrate Erik Almas & Marco Walker as WINNERS! of the PDN Personal category.

Erik Almas’s “The Crash” (Image 1) is a personal project about a break-up.   Shot in two parts: on location and the studio.

Producer: Filiz Rezvan
Stylist: Christine featherstone
Hair & Makeup: France Pierson


Marco walker won with his Zap/ Snap series (Images 2-7).   Drawing inspiration from the pop Art movement, with a merger of mass produced imagery to deliver new narratives.   This series formed the core of Marco’s 2nd solo exhibition held at the ICA October 2015.

Erik Almas’s ‘Wise Old Man’

Is a winner at the American Photography awards 2016

His photography will be seen in the American photography 32 book.