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Elise’s new personal project ‘Heavenly Creature’ centres around the natural. Sunlight bounces into frame from below the model, softening the harder shadows that can form in daylight settings.

This series also signifies a move away from studio beauty and into a slightly more loose, naturalistic beauty.

Using mirrors, perspex, and sculptural reliefs, Beate Sonnenberg continues her exploration with ‘Four Elements’, how light interacts with different surfaces and materials through the processes of refraction and reflection-. “I experiment with perspective, illusion and the configuration of geometric forms. I aim to question how we look and perceive, and how space can be used, appropriated and revealed.”

Beate takes much of the inspiration for these projects from the natural world, in the form of shapes, patterns, and textures. Beate says “Four Elements moves away from the calculated geometric precision of previous projects to explore the formalistic qualities of irregular, organic forms. Using digital projections depicting fire, earth, water, and earth, I have projected two-dimensional images onto an architectural arrangement of white blocks and mirror shards. By twisting and turning the sculptural reliefs into alternate configurations, the elemental qualities of each image are portrayed in different ways. Requiring very little post-production and an economy of the medium, mundane materials are transformed into curious and beautiful images through light and fragmented image.”

Unsurprisingly, a diamond was the seed for the series. The strongest and purest material known to man – A diamond in itself symbolises each of the four elements. “I wanted to use glass to replicate its cubic crystal structure and the magical way it disperses light into multifaceted perspectives. The sculpting of each still life reflects how diamonds are cut, shaped and transformed into desirable objects”

“My work is propelled by the drive to investigate the objects, shapes, and patterns that surround my everyday life. Whilst the aesthetic and conceptual discoveries I make are flavored by my past, my personality and my emotional responses to the world, I hope that my work can be open to interpretation to anyone, inspiring surprise, contemplation, and positivity.”

Nigel never misses an opportunity – and so we are not surprised that he has spent the winter gathering this personal mix of sun-filled footage. The reel is shot using a mixture of hand held, drone and underwater equipment, which together shows off some great moments that would be great for any brand wanting to add to their marketing campaign. Now we just need the sunshine...

The latest personal project by Elise entertains the idea of ‘going under the knife’.

Knots tied in tape around human body parts visualises Elise’s direct interpretation of medical photography.

Peter continues his personal project ‘Sole Town’. This series focuses on old and discarded shoes Peter found in warehouses on his travels through Detroit/Motown.

The project has been growing in scope for the past couple years, and here Peter introduces his detail shots.

Rob Lawson celebrates the move to his new London studio with some fizz!

The series captures the effervescence of Champagne, Gin & Tonic and Whisky & Ginger beer.


Continuing her collaborative personal project with Zone Models, Make-up artist & CGI artist. Elise toys with line and pattern in ‘sensual’.

An investigation into the viewers’ psychological mindset of body art.



‘Somewhere in Between’ is Beate Sonnenberg‘s new creative photography project.

Exploring the moment in time recorded by the camera. Placement of props and lighting give the illusion of shape and form through light refractions. These in themselves exist for only a moment when the flash heads fire, illustrating the unseen and fleeting in a special moment.

‘La Piscina’ Marco Walkers latest installation art for the 2nd year of the Bombay Beach Biennale which was themed ‘ What the Future used to be’.

The collage created out of life-size cut outs is symbolic of the rich history of the town of Bombay Beach and the Salton Sea, which in its heyday was a glamorous Hollywood destination.

Today, due to an environmental catastrophe that polluted the lake, almost overnight the town went from boom to bust. Today, the town feels like a post apocalyptic disaster zone.

“ I was interested by the contrast of the hyper real, colourful cutouts against the back drop of this lifeless landscape. “ – Marco Walker – 


Beate creates serene waterscapes in her most recent personal series.

Water is the most important natural resource. Capturing its beauty in movement. Inspired by Abstract Expressionism.