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‘Beneath the Veil’ is Elise’s most recent personal project with a focus on body curves, textures, and tone.

The use of a veil symbolises barriers and change. Close crops of the model dominate this series and build on the intimacy that surrounds marriage.

Elise draws performances out of her models for this series titled ‘Chanel I Love You’.

It focuses on the craft and beauty of Chanel jewellery, sitting juxtaposed by the provocative and high energy characters.

Elise set out to capture the youth and beauty in all of us with this quirky personal project.

Under the watchful eye of security, Elise shot ‘Black Out’ for JFW Magazine.


Centre Left: CHANEL

Bottom Left: TIFFANY & CO.

Guy shot this series at a disused copper mine in the Lake District for clothing brand Greenfell.


Elise Dumontet bumped into this model whilst out and about London.

Invited to a test shoot, here Elise focuses on the beauty and texture of freckles.