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Peter shows a whole new side in the latest commission for ‘Pink Paprika’. Sat upon pixilated surroundings, this shoe photography is stark in contrast to his series influenced by the old masters.



Peter’s latest commission stepped away from stills and headlong into the world of motion with juicy fruits.

Peter’s latest work for Gala Magazine, which also incorporates a motion element for use across its digital platforms.

Peter’s recently shot this series of silky smooth products for Garnier.

YSL, On Rouge.

Luxurious skin care, photographed for the upcoming promotional campaign.




An explosive commission from Godiva! ‘with utter attention to detail’

Designed to celebrate the 90th anniversary, encompassing all their flavours through the era’s.

Shot at JJ Studios in London with prototype chocolates flown in fresh from Belgium. Naturally everyone was packed off with bulging goodie bags. #HowToKeepTheCrewHappy

Another stunning editorial from Peter Lippmann. Featuring luxurious handbags and the naked form.