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Cotswold Outdoor flew sports photographer Nigel and his team to the Mediterranean for the latest in a series of sports/lifestyle shoots, using both handheld and drone equipment.

Flying through NYC, Nigel captured these shots in his signature style, all atop a skyscraper!

Shooting between London and New York, Nigel brought together this lifestyle campaign to show the JTI Logic product range in a subtle and beautiful way.

Nigel captures laid back Portuguese style in a Lisbon café.

Shot on land, below the waves and from the air. Nigel captures Red Paddle’s energy and durability.

Nigel was commissioned to capture real music experiences for the launch of Amazon music.

Nigel hits Bestival for a high energy personal series.

Nigel shot this series for Cycle Surgery ‘AW16’ out in Iceland.

Nigel recently shot these whilst in Portugal. Clearly its the place to go if you miss the summer!