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Hugh was commissioned for a deceptive series of portraits.

‘I may have used special effects propping and Photoshop to create this illusion, but these guys perform theirs with pure skill and mastery’

A camera was set up behind the scenes for us to see it all come together, Magic!

Hugh’s recent shoot takes on a personality of its own…

With this ongoing series of ‘FAMILY PORTRAITS’ a visual exploration into the observable characteristics, or phenotype, that are passed down from parent to offspring. The resulting depiction not only defines their genetic lineage, but also composites a fictional ‘THIRD PERSON’.

But a little birdie tells us that neither Mother or daughter think the final image looks anything like themselves… but everything like the other.

Click to see the full project

Hugh Kretchmer on The Atlantic Magazines ‘Secret shame of the middle class’ feature.

Tackling the grim reality for the middle class, Hugh brings his surreal aesthetic to fruition by masking the identities but emphasising emotional struggle.