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‘Somewhere in Between’ is Beate Sonnenberg‘s new creative photography project.

Exploring the moment in time recorded by the camera. Placement of props and lighting give the illusion of shape and form through light refractions. These in themselves exist for only a moment when the flash heads fire, illustrating the unseen and fleeting in a special moment.

London photographer Beate Sonnenberg uses light refraction to enhance form and shape in her latest commission for Lumene.



Beate worked closely with Ying Lui on this recent still life series, shot using coloured card and creative shapes for Space.NK spring/summer campaign.


Beate shot these still life sets for M&S while implementing a personal touch.

Beate creates serene waterscapes in her most recent personal series.

Water is the most important natural resource. Capturing its beauty in movement. Inspired by Abstract Expressionism.

Using light to create form through shadow.

Beate’s recent work for Stylist’s fashion issue draws on the teachings of film noir and the old masters for a touch of nostalgia.

Shape, colour and form come together for a kaleidoscope of impressions in Beate’s latest abstract series.

Latest personal work from Beate – geometric shapes created using various makeup forms and unusually some images involving models but also incorporating her use of perspex and bright colours.

Beate worked with Elle Magazine for a christmas inspired GHD feature.

Beate captures exquisite jewellery for an editorial feature in December’s issue of Brummell magazine.