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Dressed from head to toe in polyester, Oli treads around Audi’s super slick warehouse for a series in car photography, aimed at young engineers.

Oli’s latest personal series took him across the pond to the Port of Miami. This series looks at logistics and scale of globalisation, following on from the success of NYC.

The International Colour Awards live streamed the competition winners on March 4th and we are delighted that a number of our artists picked up awards.


Beate Sonnenberg:

Category: Abstract

Title: Dancing Colors

Award: 1st Place – Outstanding Achievement


Category: Abstract

Title: Skin Lanndry

Award: Honourable Mention



Nigel Riches:

Category: Advertising

Title: Supermalt Carnival

Award: Honourable Mention


Category: Portrait

Title: Gary Swim  

Award: Honourable Mention


Category: Americana

Title: Rollerskating Hero

Award: Honourable Mention



Oli Kellett:

Category: Americana

Title: New York Taxis

Award: Honourable Mention

This was shot in collaboration with BBH London and Nikki Lindman. It has been shown as part of an exhibition at the Getty Images Gallery in London celebrating the creativity of Soho.

Oli is the Grand Prize winner with ‘Roosevelt Cable Car’ at this year’s PDN New York.

Taken from the Queensborough bridge through a gap in the wire mesh just large enough for a lens. It is accompanied by ‘Taxis and Man’ which also made it into the show.

Oli Kellett has been visiting industrial locations to produce this new series.

Oli has returned from New York with this personal series. He spent time pounding the streets in the sweltering heat and managed to capture these subtle un-staged moments.