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Guy Farrow shot the Remington advert, for their campaign ’80 years Young’. The project was to celebrate the companies 80 year’s of ‘firsts to market’ with their ever evolving range of products.


Guy shot these playful portraits for the upcoming Superdrug campaign. With models arriving all day, the team got imaginative with these funky props.




Guy captures the emotive dancers of the Northern Ballet, to create a fairytale composite for Hans Christian Andersons Little Mermaid.

Recent personal series from Guy.

Shot on location in America, this series for Hudson adds to Guy’s most recent forays into fashion.

Guy shot this series at a disused copper mine in the Lake District for clothing brand Greenfell.


Guy recently shot Bombardier’s ‘March to your Own Drummer’ with professional musician and inspirational speaker Roy Turnham bashing out tunes on a soaked drum kit.

Guy recently shot this for the Northern Ballet’s ‘The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas’.

Guy’s recent commission draws on course diversity to deliver a series of imaginative portraits to be featured in an upcoming marketing campaign and prospectus.