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Femfresh commissioned Elise Dumontet for a new beauty campaign with colourful backdrops and WOW, those long legs.

‘Pure Beauty’ is Elise’s latest personal project drawing from the works of renaissance painters Raphael and Albrecht Dürer.


Elise goes tribal for Boots with her latest beauty images.

Working with natural fibres and soft tones, emphasis is placed on the natural ingredients and a primal beauty.


Elise’s latest work teases us with a little lip stick stain, and were left wondering how dirty the collar was…

We’re proud to unveil Elise’s latest beauty work, a little more twisted.

Under the watchful eye of security, Elise shot ‘Black Out’ for JFW Magazine.


Centre Left: CHANEL

Bottom Left: TIFFANY & CO.

This recent series was commissioned by Wunderman for Sunmax and shot on possibly the only sunny day in June!

Elise’s recent personal work.

Elise has been testing the water with this creative post produced series.

Elise Dumontet bumped into this model whilst out and about London.

Invited to a test shoot, here Elise focuses on the beauty and texture of freckles.