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Bayswater commissioned Guy Farrow to create a series of stirring imagery around their newly designed period-inspired bathroom collection.

The set was garnished with vintage products, materials, and textures to create active story-lines. Everything was built in Guy’s own photo studio with the help of Bayswater, albeit temporarily.

Beate Sonnenberg & Guy Farrow are victorious at the 11th International Color Awards!

Beate was nominated for work in her series “CityScapes” – Beate creates mini skyscrapers using blocks and then casts projections across the set. These projections were then lit from behind to denote the passing of day with elongated and nonexistent shadow forms.

Guy’s photograph of John Cleese in deep thought, presents the audience with a serious, concerned and almost frightened figure for whom is commonly known for his humor, joy and eccentric behavior. The juxtaposition in itself is a feat on its own. It received an honorable mention. Guy’s work for Bombardier and Remington were also among those nominated.

Guy captures enigmatic dancers at the Leeds Grand Theatre for a production of ‘Kiss Me Kate’ to take place in Londons West End.

Stage lighting was used – similar to that used in the actual production, to create a dramatic and moody setting. Guy worked with the client to develop the creative, which lead to featuring the iconic theatre as the backdrop.

With this, Guy produced a short film to accompany the digital displays.

Guy photographs models on location for the new PRO-VEN campaign ‘Life, Concentrated’. Images of a family moving around the kitchen were dropped into the CGI pill to demonstrate the product’s benefits.


Guy shot this portrait to help raise the awareness of the plastic pollution in today’s oceans.

The creative behind this imagery challenges the ‘standard’ environmental photographs of plastic floating in the ocean. By violating a model with plastic cutlery stuck up the nostrils, it is hoped this will help audiences better understand our wrongdoing.

This particular shot was featured in a December 2017 issue of the Daily Mail accompanied by the tagline ‘if it were you would you care more?’

Guy captured two stills images for the launch of a new product.

The creative idea reflects and dramatises the young, anti-mainstream urban audience buy drawing parallels between itself and the rebels. To encapsulate this the creative was underpinned with bold fashion and wolves.

The crew arrived on location mid-afternoon to prepare Ashridge Woods, North West London for pyrotechnic mayhem!

(no animals were harmed…)

Gill Sailing commission Guy Farrow for their latest campaign.

Guy shot the series from his studio using projections of scenes he captured from the bow of a boat.

At least there was no chance of anyone getting wet!

Guy tackles Parkour with this latest personal series, featuring Zaazee urban sportswear.

The movement was frozen using a gel covered flash gun which also softens shadows. A high key light was used to compliment the wide range of vivid colours available.