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The Association of Photographers (AOP) has announced the shortlist of photos for its annual awards. Our own Dan Matthews has been selected as a finalist in the Food & Drink category, alongside RARE photographers Louise Hagger and Rob Lawson. All finalists across the 11 categories will be exhibited in the main lobby of One Canada Square, Canary Wharf from 15 April until 31 May.

Winners will be announced 14 May 2019.

‘Wonderful is a world of new scents and flavours’ – Godiva

Peter collaborated with the creatives to commission illustrators, who helped bring this amazing idea to life.

This project from Godiva was to help celebrate the introduction of new flavours. The team worked with Anna, a set builder and maker, who created blocks for a grid format. These formed the base of the set, but also enabled the team to raise up important elements and give texture and clarity to the scene.


Peter’s latest commission stepped away from stills and headlong into the world of motion with juicy fruits.

Martini commissioned Rob Lawson for a series of images to be captured across the European continent.

He also directed the Motion segment to accompany these stills.

So here are a few cheeky behind the scenes.

Rob was commissioned by global drinks brand Martini and packed off to the sunny shores of Mallorca to capture these lifestyle ‘golden hour’ set ups.





An explosive commission from Godiva! ‘with utter attention to detail’

Designed to celebrate the 90th anniversary, encompassing all their flavours through the era’s.

Shot at JJ Studios in London with prototype chocolates flown in fresh from Belgium. Naturally everyone was packed off with bulging goodie bags. #HowToKeepTheCrewHappy