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Erik was approached by Green Haus Agency to harness the beauty of Newport Beach for a campaign designed to engage with peoples imagination.

With one eye dedicated to creating a visual masterpiece, and the other contemplating the creation of accompanying motion. This shoot, as with many of his other projects this year showcase a rich ability to switch from constant lighting to directing the action of play out rather than encouraging held poses.


Erik re-imagines the Kessler Collection with his latest commission.

A visionary hospitality brand that owns, develops and manages specialty hotels, restaurants, and retail to treat guests to the Bohemian lifestyle and unique experiences.


Disney commissioned Erik for a series celebrating the return of Disney’s Electric Ride Parade to Disneyland, California.

The creative team and Erik selected iconic Californian locations to be shot at sundown. Griffith Observatory and Huntington Beach help to capture the magical experience.

Erik recreated Vermeer’s ‘The Concert’ for an Adobe campaign on stolen and missing artwork using only stock imagery, and photoshop.

Vermeer’s The concert was stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, 1990 and has yet to resurface. It is considered the most valuable unrecovered stolen painting to date, with a value estimated at over $200,000,000.

‘I use Photoshop as an extension of my photography to create visuals that are idea-driven and at times improbable but the thought of using stock photography to recreate someone else’s art was not something I would consider under normal circumstances.’