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It’s always been important to Elise that she works with a wide variety of age groups – so she was delighted to work with a cast of older women for this recent beauty campaign. As per usual, she ran the casting days herself to ensure natural beauty was at the heart of the selection.

Elise captured these images for the poster campaign at Tristan Bates Theatre.

‘Nuns’ is a satirical comedy about three rebellious nuns and how they plot to overthrow the mother superior in order to establish smoking rights for themselves.

The latest shoot for Oddity Magazine by Elise showcases gold make up through its diverse form. Drink responsibly…

Elise’s winning image at Life Framers ‘THE HUMAN BODY’.

“Elise’s composition seems effortlessly elegant – a flawless landscape of rolling female forms, like sand dunes. It’s both subtle and sensual, captured in muted grey and soft candy pink – It’s compelling in its simplicity.” Life Framer.

Elise collaborates with food and props stylist Olivia Bennett, for a personal project to revitalises the senses!

Set amongst London’s grasslands, the team constructed a picnic infused with nature. Organic light, natural tones, and gentle clothing were brought together to showcase beauty in the wilderness.

Elise’s new personal project ‘Heavenly Creature’ centres around the natural. Sunlight bounces into frame from below the model, softening the harder shadows that can form in daylight settings.

This series also signifies a move away from studio beauty and into a slightly more loose, naturalistic beauty.

Elise’s latest personal project plays with ever-evolving make-up trends and the team decided to really push the boat out!

REAL gold was applied to the model’s skin for a series of intense close-ups, creating an intensified highlights. #goldie

In a world where social media, celebrity influence, and highly edited content delude the individual, an unrealistic vision of beauty is formed. Elise Dumontet recent project focuses on this distorted perception. Featured in Bubble Zine.
In her latest series of unedited images, Elise aims to portray an individual who is trapped in her own skin.

Elise continues her exploration of the human form with this latest series of skin close-ups.

This time the models entangled limbs were wearing pale coloured tights to create repetition & symmetry through the shape.

Elise draws performances out of her models for this series titled ‘Chanel I Love You’.

It focuses on the craft and beauty of Chanel jewellery, sitting juxtaposed by the provocative and high energy characters.