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“What’s Left Behind’ is photographer Elise Dumontet’s latest personal project in collaboration with Lauren Kay, Stephanie Staunton & Milk Management.

Using fake tan the team creates imprints using the following humorous products:
A Vivienne Westwood necklace.
A Tatty Devine lightning bolt.
A Chanel watch.
A pair of Gucci glasses.

Beate takes a sneak peek into Gucci’s ‘Wonder Factory’ for Vogue’s latest feature.

The brief allowed Beate and her team to experiment with tiny forest sets. Each of which draw upon something unique look of each time-piece to create a phantasmagorical scene.

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Beate works together with The Sunday Times creative team to create these intricate features.

Originally the first image was going to feature flowers, to denote fragrance. However, the team did not feel it delivered a contemporary atmosphere so in its place, Beate layered blue shapes beneath the products.

Beate also photographed the red lipstick on a striped pattern to guide the eye and intersect hard shadows, all against a vibrant red background.

Stylist Magazine approached Beate with M&S for a collaborative project to feature stills and Gif’s.

Beate – ‘We had two styling briefs; first, of which incorporated petals with the lingerie, the second featured mirrors. By the end of the shoot, creative visions had shifted and I devised a lighting treatment in post-production to draw out a more autumnal atmosphere.’

Beate was commissioned by Sunday Times Style for a creative series on summer fragrances.

Coloured card and cut perspex were used to emphasise product shape and fragrance.

Peter Lippmann, still life photographer revelled in Gala magazine’s creative brief and set to work covering the studio in feathers.

Watches by; Chaumet, Dior, ChopardPiaget & Bulgari each arrived with their own security detail for this beautiful feature.









Beate shoots THE gift guide for Elle Magazine.

20NovCoverNeed to find a gift? This was the thought on Beate’s mind as she produced the cover for this weeks Stella Magazine.

Beate shot this graphic image for Marie Claire’s October issue.