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Erik recreated Vermeer’s ‘The Concert’ for an Adobe campaign on stolen and missing artwork using only stock imagery, and photoshop.

Vermeer’s The concert was stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston, 1990 and has yet to resurface. It is considered the most valuable unrecovered stolen painting to date, with a value estimated at over $200,000,000.

‘I use Photoshop as an extension of my photography to create visuals that are idea-driven and at times improbable but the thought of using stock photography to recreate someone else’s art was not something I would consider under normal circumstances.’

Guy recently shot this for the Northern Ballet’s ‘The Boy in The Striped Pyjamas’.

Martini commissioned Rob Lawson for a series of images to be captured across the European continent.

He also directed the Motion segment to accompany these stills.

So here are a few cheeky behind the scenes.