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Claudalie was shot for Sunday times. Beate uses her signature lighting style to create waves of light that sweep across the scene, the pastel background is interjected by focal light formed by light passing through small clear beads sprinkled around the set.

Guy photographs models on location for the new PRO-VEN campaign ‘Life, Concentrated’. Images of a family moving around the kitchen were dropped into the CGI pill to demonstrate the product’s benefits.


Femfresh commissioned Elise Dumontet for a new beauty campaign with colourful backdrops and WOW, those long legs.

Balvenie commissioned Rob Lawson for a series of staged and un-staged shots situated in modern locations, that use traditional materials such as brass and wood as part of their finished look.

The prestigious whisky casket covers 5 decades, 60’s – 00’s and will set you back a cool 25K.


Rob Lawson‘s martini image features on the cover of Time Out New York to celebrate the talent of the 2017 bar awards.

The dry martini was shot against a black backdrop from Rob’s private studio space. The ‘bulls eye’ shot shows an enhanced level of creativity in recent work and is a part of a larger project that investigates the art of mixology.

Nebular & Nectar images below.







Peter Lippmann, still life photographer revelled in Gala magazine’s creative brief and set to work covering the studio in feathers.

Watches by; Chaumet, Dior, ChopardPiaget & Bulgari each arrived with their own security detail for this beautiful feature.









Beate shot these still life sets for M&S while implementing a personal touch.

Guy captures the emotive dancers of the Northern Ballet, to create a fairytale composite for Hans Christian Andersons Little Mermaid.

Peter’s latest commission stepped away from stills and headlong into the world of motion with juicy fruits.