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Elise Dumontet recently shot the beauty campaign for the launch of Amazon’s new budget make-up range.

The ethos behind this new ‘find’ range is that we should “celebrate and accentuate our individuality”

These fun and colourful images were shot by Elise for Femfresh. The team set up in the studio with party props and coloramas for a zesty quirk!

‘Beneath the Veil’ is Elise’s most recent personal project with a focus on body curves, textures, and tone.

The use of a veil symbolises barriers and change. Close crops of the model dominate this series and build on the intimacy that surrounds marriage.

JFW Magazine commissioned Elise Dumontet for the series titled “It all worked out”.

Elise was unleashed to capture the raw power and beauty of women working out. Particular attention was given to the the models skin by use of diffused and gentle highlights seen on the face and arms. The series features watches by Chanel, Hublot & Tag Heuer, with clothing produced by Puma, Ivy Park & Sophia Webster.

Elise shot these images for Elena Karavasili and have since been seen featured in Marie Claire, Greece.

Directing the set build, Elise worked to create something very playful and surreal, denoted by the contrast in colour. The positioning of the model, seated on a plinth adds to the theme.

Elise shot this series for the new Beauty Bay campaign ‘New Queen in Town’.

The motion and stills are all about showcasing the product as the spiritual home for the beauty bold and the fashion fearless. It is about smashing the rules, defying obedience and wearing your war paint exactly the way you want it!

Check out the BTS video if you are interested in seeing how this was pulled together.

Elise takes on sexual fetishes in her latest personal project ‘covered up’.

Elise makes our head spin with her latest personal project – ‘Space Oddity’.

The dark, but futuristic series draws on 50’s-60’s science fiction denoted through the cool metallic surfaces and dead pan expressions.

Elise Dumontet’s newest creative photography project pokes fun at personal grooming habits…

Elise set out to capture the youth and beauty in all of us with this quirky personal project.