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Peter shows a whole new side in the latest commission for ‘Pink Paprika’. Sat upon pixilated surroundings, this shoe photography is stark in contrast to his series influenced by the old masters.



Beate worked closely with Ying Lui on this recent still life series, shot using coloured card and creative shapes for Space.NK spring/summer campaign.


Beate worked with Elle Magazine for a christmas inspired GHD feature.

Beate recently shot this personal series titled ‘Mirrors’

An intriguing dialogue between shape, materials and illusion is created in this series of playful images. Urban and industrial elements are assembled and arranged, these simple disparate materials and everyday objects take on a pure aesthetic. Materials are reflected in or arranged around mirrored shapes. They have broken through these mirrored surfaces and have almost become paintings.

When you view the mirror as a sculptural object you have to negate the reflective aspect of the material, while if one concentrates on its surface then its solidity as an object disappears.

The mirrors in each of the images act both as objects and reflective surfaces, becoming part of a sculptural still life, while also telling a story. They become both solid and void, object and reflection, positive and negative space.




Beate recently shot this luxurious collection by Louis Vuitton for the Fall/ Winter 2016 Runway bag collection.


Commissioned by Tatler Magazine UK.

Big BOLD colours come together with a few smoke and mirrors for this series in expression.