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    SHED Studios, Workspace 1

    8 Lee St, E8 4DY

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    ROCHESTER, Minn.Tuesday night, the public got the opportunity to learn five different scenarios that could be the future of transportation and provided input on which three should be chosen to move on to the next round, all in order to make transportation the best it can possibly be for visitors and residents, alike.All scenarios include at least one, sometimes two, transit circulator that serves various functions.Each scenario provides different travel options.Here are some highlights of each scenario: The DMC Modified Scenario provides both east west and north south travel options using a tram that operates on a street rail embedded in the street; The ITS Scenario A emphasizes an east west travel option using either enhanced buses or a tram; The ITS Scenario B emphasizes north south travel option at street level using an enhanced bus with an underground facility with autonomous vehicles that connect to Saint Marys Hospital; The ITS Scenario C provides both east west and north south travel options on an elevated guideway using either autonomous vehicles or automated guideway transit; and the ITS Scenario D provides an alternate east west elevated transit route.One man told us what he thinks should be the future of transportation in downtown Scenario C. It is thinking of using elevated transit rather than just something on the ground. I think with the doubling of the Mayo Clinic’s employee base from 35 to 70,000, it’s going to be very difficult to do it on one level, said Richard Olen, President of Delta Home Team.Looking ahead on the transportation timeline, in terms of public engagement: In September, there will be a meeting in which you can voice your opinions on which options should be selected; then in December, there will be a meeting that explores the preferred option (based off of the September meeting), how/when the elements will be built, and allow you to provide feedback on those elements.For more information visit the following website:Trump to announce decision on Paris climate pact ThursdayTrump to announce decision on Paris Canada Goose Sale climate pact ThursdayUpdated: Thursday, June 1 2017 12:24 AM EDT2017 06 01 04:24:00 GMTHolding on to tradition, a way of life, there’s no better way to honor these American Indian students’ graduation.Woman embarks on 10,000 mile bike ride to help save monarch butterfly populationsWoman embarks on 10,000 mile bike ride to help save monarch butterfly populationsIt’s arguably one of the most unique natural wonders in the world: the monarch butterfly migration.

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