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    A new book examines the positive impact of Jewish people in New ZealandSo have two chief justices, six Auckland mayors, the country’s first female lawyer, Ethel Benjamin, and first woman doctor,, who enrolled at Otago University in 1891 with the consent of dean John Scott who told her to give “no encouragement for frivolity”.The record of achievement from a small community rolls on: in education, the law, arts, business, medicine, civic affairs, philanthropy, architecture and film. Art historian Len Bell, co editor of a handsome, richly illustrated new history of Jews in New Zealand, firmly agrees. The impact, says Bell replica ray ban sunglasses, of the smart, often secular mid century professional migrants, displaced by the rise of Nazi Germany, has been vast.He says many were motivated to succeed, encouraged by family, education and tradition, driven to high levels of accomplishment.There have been previous books about Jewish communities and practices, but none, says Bell, that observed Jewish life in a broader New Zealand context.

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