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    “We Danes love your country, but there is a problem,” Mr Bertelsen says. “The strong sun is harmful to our delicate skin and every day a Dane dies from skin cancer. We know you have a lot on your plate, but we respectfully ask for your support. Blair has never held a position with either the Allele Fund or with Mee Healthcare. She was not a Founder, a Director or a Partner, nor was she responsible in any way for the management of either company, nor did she receive any remuneration of any kind from either source. She is, therefore one piece swimsuits, in exactly the same position as all the other shareholders..

    That blew my mind when I read it. How could something not be right or wrong, good or bad. Everything I had heard or read to date had said just the opposite. Four fire engines and 20 firefighters fought the blaze at the Makita Campbell’s Montgomery St house in Bader which caught fire just after 1pm on Sunday. Photo / FileA fire started by a 4 year old playing with a lighter which slipped out of his father’s pocket cost a Hamilton family its house and most of its possessions.Four fire engines and 20 firefighters fought the blaze at a Montgomery St house in Bader which caught fire just after 1pm on Sunday.Jules Matika Campbell was looking after his 3, 4 and 6 year old sons and had just finished cooking the oldest boy pot noodles for a snack.He went into the lounge and was texting on his phone.The stay at home dad thinks his lighter must have slipped out of his pocket when he sat down and his 4 year old took it to his bedroom and started playing with it.The preschooler then burst into the lounge saying, “Dad the room is on fire”.”I didn’t click what he said until the fire alarm went off.”Matika Campbell ran down to the room and saw the mattress on fire.He told the young boys to go outside and grabbed the kettle full of water from the kitchen.”After that I ran back down to the sitting room and grabbed the TV, wallet and phone.”He ran to where his sons were waiting at the back of the house and walked them to a friend’s house who lived close by. They were all overwhelmed and in shock and were given blankets to warm up.Matika Campbell and his sons were later taken to hospital for a check up as he had inhaled a lot of smoke, but were discharged shortly after.The Housing New Zealand house which they have lived in for about a year is a burned out shell and most of their possessions including baby gear his pregnant stepdaughter had been storing there were lost in the blaze.Even the TV Matika Campbell had salvaged from the fire and stored in the shed while he went to the hospital had disappeared when he returned.The family is staying with Matika Campbell’s parents in Ngaruawahia tonight, but are hoping to move into another house on the same street by the end of the week.Matika Campbell said they had been blown away by the community’s generosity.His step daughter Heaven Lee June Rounds put a message on Hamilton Pay it Forward Facebook page asking for donations of toys, clothes, furniture and school bags earlier today and had already received goods.Matika Campbell went to see his son’s principal at Melville Primary to explain what had happened and the school had offered to buy him a school uniform.He joked that the 4 year old was his “little trouble maker”, but then acknowledged boys at that age were renown for getting up to mischief.Hawke’s Bay TodayNew life given to French classics Acclaimed British pianist Kathryn Stott has returned to New ZealandBay of Plenty TimesEditorial: Tiny homes a very Kiwi solution to housing crisis Coming up with innovative solutions to problems is very Kiwi..