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This colourful conceptual series was shot by Dan Matthews with set designer Vicky Lees. Playing with shapes and textures in the studio the pair created stylish compositions with beautiful fabrics courtesy of Maharam Studios.

Beate collaborated with a team of filmmakers to produce this exquisite video worthy of a stint on the TV as a true Ad campaign.

By the end of the shoot, the team, the studio and almost every inch of equipment were caked in glitter. Not a bad way to spend your day…

Nostalgia is Beates latest personal series.

Produced part in camera, then finished in retouch. It harmonises studio shot flowers, fabrics and lens flare with naturally captured images of the sky.

Beate comments ‘ I was inspired by the emotional and visual interpretation of smell and memory. I am intrigued by their strong and profound link with each other. This is my attempt to visualise the deep longing, to understand our emotions, nature and life in the universe itself. It is about the fleeting glimpses of discovery, insights and forgetting again.’

New personal work from Beate in collaboration with stylist Gemma Therese Pearce.

This series aims to inspire the possibility of new and futuristic flavours, in endlessly exciting combinations. The use of sculptural forms and directional lighting, similar to that of an exhibition piece, is used to dramatise the scene.

Beate creates evocative water worlds in her newest personal project, titled ‘Escape’.

The body of work focuses on surface and textures. The submerged flowers and other living elements symbolise purity, whilst the rippling water visualises distractions in life, concealments to the truth, or desires.

The distortion of objects serves as a reminder that the human experience could never be one dimensional.

Gala perfume is the latest series to emerge from Peters collaboration with Gala Magazine. The blend of still life photography and moving image creates complications of its own but Peter and his team circumnavigate these to build in a complicated set of shattered glass.

Beate photographed this series of images for Swarovski under the watchful eye of many burly looking security guards!

Light and shadow were used to define the shape of the product and emphasise sparkle. Watch this space because the jewellery shots are yet to be released.

Peter was commissioned to produce these ornate dishes for The French Milk Cooperative to promote French produce and French cuisine!

Beate created these stunning geometric shapes using the textures of makeup & cream.

Style Beauty Awards commissioned the series of stills, with various shots then taken to be used in an upbeat Gif. for the gala.

Gala Magazine commissioned Peter for an interesting if not unusual collaborative project with renowned chef, Guy Savoy!

The series of watches and food ingredients intertwine and were captured at Guy Savoy’s restaurant, with food prepared by the man himself.