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Working alongside the moving image shoot in a Manchester warehouse, Will Douglas captured a series of casual portraits of Man United player, Pogba for Adidas  featuring their newest trainer release.

Will Douglas recently had the pleasure of shooting footballing legend Mo Sarah for Adidas Originals. Working alongside a team shooting moving image, Will captured Mo wearing the five new colour variations.

Continuing on with their ’Strong Women’ series, Amit and Naroop recently shot gymnasts at Heathrow Gymnastics Club.

Featuring Olympic gymnast, Danusia Francis, Amit and Naroop aimed to capture the duality of gymnastics with their lighting. Bright and beautiful while performing, yet behind the scenes, the practice required is grueling and relentless, reflected by the darker exterior.


“‘The Tango League’ is an international, global football tournament that was won through a combination of football prowess and social clout – with the added incentive of an adidas boot deal. A fully integrated global grass roots campaign – The Tango League has created a new generation of Adidas sponsored players, that are already driving sign ups for next year’s tournament, and beyond!”

Amit & Naroop’s new series “Strong Women” features British women who are using teamwork to pursue what they love.

They will be shooting women from a range of worlds – but these women are all united by their love of hard work, collaboration and optimism.

Included in this series is Lydia Mok who is the founder of STRONG Girl Takeover, a company promoting diversity within the fitness industry, encouraging women of any background, culture, race, religion, shape or size to fall in love with fitness and get body confident.



Will Douglas shot this series whilst swimming off the coast of Skye with cold water swimmer and surfer Sophie Hellyer⠀

Sophie describes cold water swimming as “an unexpected combination of adrenalin rush and a sense of calm. A chill that squeezes the air out of your chest and a simultaneous fire pumping through your veins.”⠀

Nigel and his team made their way across Europe to capture this series. In the stunning mountains of Slovenia, talent and crew made camp in and amongst the natural beauty.

On this trip, Nigel continued his work with drones but also took a step closer for true POV angles. Nigel’s ability to treat a still shoot like a film set enables him to create lasting moments for an all-immersive visual.


Off the back of Nigel’s successful Puma shoot with F1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, he set to work with these additional shots.

Here he works with a group of track and field athletes to draw further on the power and prowess of the athletic physique. The urban setting turns the plain into a geometry playpen, with concrete suntraps in every corner.

Nigel and his team set off on an epic adventure for the latest Cotswold shoot.

Destination: Iceland.

This was just the kind of rough, rugged and vast expanse of landscape that Nigel was looking for. Using aerial drones, the legendary Land Rover and a team capable of scaling the breathtaking ice crevasses, Nigel shot Cotswold equipment & clothing against the raw extremes of this beautiful destination.

Nigel’s recent commission for Puma took him to Barcelona for the Mantra project with their ambassador Lewis Hamilton.

Nigel was airlifted by helicopter to the village of Corbera d’Ebre to reach the church that is reborn, Esglèsia de Sant Pere.

Esglèsia de Sant Pere sits atop of a village caught in the Spanish civil war. The town was completely destroyed during the Battle of the Ebro and although the lower part of the town was rebuilt by the Spanish, the Catalan side was left in ruins. This side has only recently been rebuilt, and the church of Esglèsia de Sant Pere was refurbished with its original walls maintained. The new glass roof allows light in from the heavens to illuminate the building’s history.

The location was selected for it’s mix of worn surfaces with pure light and dense shadows, built on a gritty aesthetic that devotes itself to a spiritual training session, one of the body and mind.