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Will Douglas had the enviable job of spending a week shooting Tango League footballers in LA for Adidas. ⠀
Will captured the players on and off the pitch, building a body of work that celebrates the community this league creates. ⁠⠀

Wild swimming in this weather in not for the faint hearted! Nigel Riches traveled to Cornwall to shoot an atmospheric series about one brave swimmer.⁠

From the Alpine mountains to an Italian Olympic swimming pool, Will Douglas has proved his adaptability with this incredible commission from Intersport. His brief was to spend two weeks shooting athletes across a variety of locations and sports for brands including Nike and Adidas to be featured by Intersport.

Will is an expert at capturing sport in an authentic way that feels closer to the real experience of everyday athletes.


Will Douglas captures professional surfer Marco Mignot for Quiksilver.

“Born into a family of sailors, Marco spent the first year of his life traveling the coast of Australia and Tasmanian sea.  Having more time on water than dry land, Marco formed his equilibrium on the waves of the ocean.  His innate connection with the water is characterized by his smooth precision and flawless tricks on the surf board.”

Will Douglas travelled down to the coast to hang out with some of the Roxy surf team.

He arrived intending to shoot a series of stills but was so inspired by the dedication and passion of these girls that he extended the project to include a set of short documentary films.⁠

Working alongside the moving image shoot in a Manchester warehouse, Will Douglas captured a series of casual portraits of Man United player, Pogba for Adidas  featuring their newest trainer release.

Will Douglas recently had the pleasure of shooting footballing legend Mo Sarah for Adidas Originals. Working alongside a team shooting moving image, Will captured Mo wearing the five new colour variations.


“‘The Tango League’ is an international, global football tournament that was won through a combination of football prowess and social clout – with the added incentive of an adidas boot deal. A fully integrated global grass roots campaign – The Tango League has created a new generation of Adidas sponsored players, that are already driving sign ups for next year’s tournament, and beyond!”

Will Douglas shot this series whilst swimming off the coast of Skye with cold water swimmer and surfer Sophie Hellyer⠀

Sophie describes cold water swimming as “an unexpected combination of adrenalin rush and a sense of calm. A chill that squeezes the air out of your chest and a simultaneous fire pumping through your veins.”⠀

Nigel and his team made their way across Europe to capture this series. In the stunning mountains of Slovenia, talent and crew made camp in and amongst the natural beauty.

On this trip, Nigel continued his work with drones but also took a step closer for true POV angles. Nigel’s ability to treat a still shoot like a film set enables him to create lasting moments for an all-immersive visual.