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Amit & Naroop shot this personal series with mixed martial arts expert, Harry Shaw.

This moody location was picked to denote the artist’s determination and dedication to his discipline.

The team also created an accompanying motion clip of the gritty outdoors training session, which you can see below.


Elise captured these images for the poster campaign at Tristan Bates Theatre.

‘Nuns’ is a satirical comedy about three rebellious nuns and how they plot to overthrow the mother superior in order to establish smoking rights for themselves.

Raphael Rowe stars in Amit & Naroop’s latest work. He spent twelve years in maximum security prison, accused of a murder he didn’t commit. Sentenced to life without parole, he fought for his freedom and his conviction was overturned.

Upon his release, he became a successful journalist for the BBC, and his show ‘Inside The World’s Toughest Prisons’ became a smash hit on Netflix.

His story is inspiring and insightful. A man who never gave up.

Trayler & Trayler proudly announces the signing of the extremely talented duo, Amit & Naroop.

London born and bred, Amit and Naroop began working together in 2003, using Amit’s mother’s living room as a makeshift studio. Within a year they had their own studio and began to become the dominant force in the music industry.
They have held exhibitions in London, New York, Los Angeles, and their book Turbans and Tales will be released in January 2019 through Unbound/Penguin Random House.

Working as a duo, Amit & Naroop have a unique ability to divide and conquer the creation of still & moving image simultaneously. They place a heavy emphasis on using their people skills to draw out the best of their subjects and are not shy. Believing that in order to deliver the best results, there must be an uplifting atmosphere on set, something they take great pride in cultivating.

So you best watch this space!

Beate Sonnenberg & Guy Farrow are victorious at the 11th International Color Awards!

Beate was nominated for work in her series “CityScapes” – Beate creates mini skyscrapers using blocks and then casts projections across the set. These projections were then lit from behind to denote the passing of day with elongated and nonexistent shadow forms.

Guy’s photograph of John Cleese in deep thought, presents the audience with a serious, concerned and almost frightened figure for whom is commonly known for his humor, joy and eccentric behavior. The juxtaposition in itself is a feat on its own. It received an honorable mention. Guy’s work for Bombardier and Remington were also among those nominated.

Guy photographs models on location for the new PRO-VEN campaign ‘Life, Concentrated’. Images of a family moving around the kitchen were dropped into the CGI pill to demonstrate the product’s benefits.


Guy shot this portrait to help raise the awareness of the plastic pollution in today’s oceans.

The creative behind this imagery challenges the ‘standard’ environmental photographs of plastic floating in the ocean. By violating a model with plastic cutlery stuck up the nostrils, it is hoped this will help audiences better understand our wrongdoing.

This particular shot was featured in a December 2017 issue of the Daily Mail accompanied by the tagline ‘if it were you would you care more?’

Dragan was commissioned by BBDO Berlin for the latest Blaues Kreuz campaign.

The graphic portraits are a mix of studio shots and feature CGI characters drowning in the abusers throat.

‘We Fight Any Claim’ commissioned Guy for a celebrity portrait of John Cleese to lead a new campaign.

This follows on from a personal project Guy has been working on with John Cleese himself, but we must wait a little longer to see that…