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The latest shoot for Oddity Magazine by Elise showcases gold make up through its diverse form. Drink responsibly…

Amit & Naroop’s personal project ‘Urban Forager’ focusses on substance abuse.

Up and down the country, little silver canisters can be spotted thrown across the urban landscape of major cities. They contain Nitrous Oxide or ‘laughing gas’ and are made in Taiwan for the catering industry.

Inhaled via the use of a balloon, this NOZ gas is being used by teenagers across the UK as a drug. It is seen as a gateway drug, leading users onto more dangerous and addictive drugs.

These images form part of an exhibition called The Urban Forager curated by designer Michelle Lowe Holder, to be shown at The London Design Festival in September. The campaign highlights the material waste caused by the use of NOZ and the consequences it has on the environment.

Elise collaborates with food and props stylist Olivia Bennett, for a personal project to revitalises the senses!

Set amongst London’s grasslands, the team constructed a picnic infused with nature. Organic light, natural tones, and gentle clothing were brought together to showcase beauty in the wilderness.

The latest personal project from Beate. ‘Stream of time’ is an examination on the passage of time, the stop-motion clips consist each of between 42 – 94 stills.

The music that accompanies the back and forth motion was specially composed to flow and unite sound and vision.

Elise’s new personal project ‘Heavenly Creature’ centres around the natural. Sunlight bounces into frame from below the model, softening the harder shadows that can form in daylight settings.

This series also signifies a move away from studio beauty and into a slightly more loose, naturalistic beauty.

Nigel shot this series of bikers in the Autumn whilst traveling with friends in the UK. The use of natural light displays Nigel’s genuine ability to capture feeling whilst being light on the foot.


Nigel, travelling with his long term collaborator and 1st assistant Dave, as well as Erwin de Boer from Real Deal TV made the long trip to Tokyo to produce a series of personal still and motion work. The work is based on the wearing of individual and subculture clothing.

This one “Tokyo’s Harajuku girls” was named because of the 90’s gathering place where it all began. It focuses on the girls in real environments, going about their daily lives in wonderful, unique and cartoonish fashions.

Elise’s latest personal project plays with ever-evolving make-up trends and the team decided to really push the boat out!

REAL gold was applied to the model’s skin for a series of intense close-ups, creating an intensified highlights. #goldie

Beate follows on from the success of ‘Somewhere in Between’ by expanding on the award-nominated series.

A moment in time, however fleeting is encapsulated using mirrors and translucent coloured perspex. Lighting is positioned in such a way to create, momentary shadow structures.

The series is as much reflective on the human experience as it is a visual delight.


‘Beneath the Veil’ is Elise’s most recent personal project with a focus on body curves, textures, and tone.

The use of a veil symbolises barriers and change. Close crops of the model dominate this series and build on the intimacy that surrounds marriage.