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Zebedee Models from ages 2 to 54 took part in this stunning body confidence shoot with photographer Elise Dumontet. All the Zebedee models have either been born with a limb difference or had an amputation, the images are a celebration of their self-love and their body acceptance.

Whether their difference is acquired (through cancer, meningitis, accident, diabetes, ex-veterans) or congenital, they really don’t want to fall on their feet anymore, they simply want to be able to stand tall, with and/or without prosthetics.

We all know positive representation matters, be it in the arts, in fashion or in the media. And yet, these guys can probably count on their fingers how many times they’ve seen themselves being represented. Should the shoe ever be on the other foot, how would that make you feel?

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What does it mean to be a man today?
Huck magazine are collaborating with Levi’s Performance Denim to explore how creative men are challenging outdated expectations of performance, status and identity.

Owen spoke to Huck about his upbringing and how his body of work reflects the changing face of masculinity.

As well as this, Owen created sensitive, hand-printed portraits of the other featured artists – recording artist, Tofel Santana and artist Kirill Grigorev to accompany their features.

Read Owen’s interview and watch the film here.

Erik Almas captured the monumental moment of teaching your son to shave for this Gillette campaign that celebrates the relationships that fathers have with their sons. The importance of capturing authentic interactions meant that Erik cast real family members and flew them from around the world to Madrid for the shoot.

More to come from this series so keep an eye out.

Owen Harvey will be running a workshop on timeless portraiture at the V&A museum on April 13th.

Click here to buy tickets – on sale now.

“Learn how to capture timeless portraits that stand the test of time using black and white photography techniques. Guided by photographer Owen Harvey and taking inspiration from the Mary Quant exhibition, develop your photography skills through practical exercises both inside and outside the museum. Discover tried and true techniques to create your own classic portraits to keep for years to come.”⁣⠀

Amit & Naroop’s new series “Strong Women” features British women who are using teamwork to pursue what they love.

They will be shooting women from a range of worlds – but these women are all united by their love of hard work, collaboration and optimism.

Included in this series is Lydia Mok who is the founder of STRONG Girl Takeover, a company promoting diversity within the fitness industry, encouraging women of any background, culture, race, religion, shape or size to fall in love with fitness and get body confident.



Owen Harvey showcases the US subculture scene of ‘Lowriding’ with the series “Ground Clearance”, inspired by the 1940’s subdivision of politically statemented and brightly decorated Latino vehicles, and their rider’s relevance and impact within society.

During the post war prosperity of the 1950’s, a rapidly growing and evolving subculture developed in the US, Latino youths placed sandbags in their custom cars so that the body of the vehicle would be grazing along riding close to the road. Adopting the motto of “slow and low” and embellishing the vehicles in political statements and evocative imagery, implementing this aesthetic to occupy space and place on the highway, this mode of transport acted as a microcosm of the political impact the Latino community embodied and emulated in this era.

The collection shot by Owen Harvey showcases images of the Lowriding culture in 2016-2017, yet is being released in 2019 to highlight the political relevance of the Latino Community in today’s society and the change in conversation within the US.

Technology has evolved creating these low riding vehicles through hydraulics and these cars are distinguished for rolling on wire-spoke wheels with whitewall tires (rims range from 13″-20″), low riding is popular amongst many cultures with global appeal through the popularisation of this driving style in music videos, film and advertising.

Will Douglas shot this series whilst swimming off the coast of Skye with cold water swimmer and surfer Sophie Hellyer⠀

Sophie describes cold water swimming as “an unexpected combination of adrenalin rush and a sense of calm. A chill that squeezes the air out of your chest and a simultaneous fire pumping through your veins.”⠀

Turbans and Tales is a proud celebration of portrait photography expressing the Sikh identity and culture created my Amit and Naroop.

This project shares the unforgettable stories of the subject’s experience of perseverance, progress and determination. These images have been seen by millions and have become a piece of history, breaking the barriers of self-perception whilst sharing diverse stories of the turban.

The award-winning exhibition provoked positive conversations for subgroups, and came into fruition being successfully funded on Kickstarter. Turbans and Tales became displayed multiple times in the UK, then receiving international acclaim, Amit & Naroop partnered with The Sikh Coalition to create a U.S version. The series was photographed in New York, then exhibited in Soho, Manhattan gathering crowds of over a thousand people a day.

“Photographing these portraits has been a real labour of love and was inspired by the sudden popularity of the beard as a fashion statement in 2013.Being of the Sikh faith, we found this intriguing. In our culture the beard is a constant, a key tradition and an integral and important identifying feature of a Sikh male. Inspired, we developed a project focused on the identity, the look of the beard, and equally important, the turban of British Sikh men.” Amit & Naroop.”Diversity is the fabric of life. Organisations and society need the courage to embrace the ever-changing face of today’s world. It takes strength to stay together. It takes resilience to stick to one’s values. Turbans and Tales provokes positive conversations about identity and will reframe the way minorities are seen. “

The subjects chosen to appear in the photographs were all from various backgrounds and generations, some were aspiring footballers and kickboxers while others worked in politics or medicine. Having photographed a number of celebrities, the pair found working with inexperienced subjects posed a new challenge. “None of these guys hd ever had a professional photo shoot. So, for them, it was quite daunting and nerve-wracking,” Naroop states.

Turbans and Tales is a culmination of four years, including extensive research, hours of production, shooting and carefully curated editing. It takes you on a journey from conception, allowing you to experience the personality and the emotions of the subjects in the portraits, whilst providing a history to the turban itself. Each of the portraits is accompanied with the true words from the subjects, their tales, the stories of their experiences and the relevant meaning of their turban – the importance of individuality.

Buy your copy here.

Owen Harvey has been making work for ‘All Change Photographic’ a project that he set up last year. There’s 13 photographers involved in the project, shooting across London, documenting the various communities that make London what it is, a culturally rich capital. ⁣

Owen has been focusing on hopeful Imams, who are currently in the process of 7 years of intensive study. ⁣

“It’s been interesting visiting their community, where they live and study for the duration of their course and trying to get an understanding of this group of British youth culture and why young men (often 17-25), dedicate their life to religion. “⁣

Keep updated with the project here: @allchangephotographic

Will Douglas was called in to shoot footballing legends for the 18/19 Liverpool FC kit launch project which is out now.