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Sony commissioned Nigel for a lifestyle shoot to promote their new Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones.

The team even acquired permission to shut down Gatwick Express for their carriage scene.

Amit & Naroop created a location setting in the studio for this Xbox campaign. The idea was to show ‘gaming fever’ using a host of online influencers.

Off the back of Nigel’s successful Puma shoot with F1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, he set to work with these additional shots.

Here he works with a group of track and field athletes to draw further on the power and prowess of the athletic physique. The urban setting turns the plain into a geometry playpen, with concrete suntraps in every corner.

Marco Walker takes part in ‘The Billboard Creative‘ city-wide exhibition, interjecting art into the Los Angeles skyline.

Marco’s image was shot in Palm Springs, using infrared film to create a distorted view of the landscape. The enhanced depth and contrast sit in juxtaposition with the linear architecture of Kings Point Community, which was designed by famous mid-century architect William Krisel.

Elise captured these images for the poster campaign at Tristan Bates Theatre.

‘Nuns’ is a satirical comedy about three rebellious nuns and how they plot to overthrow the mother superior in order to establish smoking rights for themselves.

Nigel and his team set off on an epic adventure for the latest Cotswold shoot.

Destination: Iceland.

This was just the kind of rough, rugged and vast expanse of landscape that Nigel was looking for. Using aerial drones, the legendary Land Rover and a team capable of scaling the breathtaking ice crevasses, Nigel shot Cotswold equipment & clothing against the raw extremes of this beautiful destination.

Elise’s winning image at Life Framers ‘THE HUMAN BODY’.

“Elise’s composition seems effortlessly elegant – a flawless landscape of rolling female forms, like sand dunes. It’s both subtle and sensual, captured in muted grey and soft candy pink – It’s compelling in its simplicity.” Life Framer.

Nigel shot this series of bikers in the Autumn whilst traveling with friends in the UK. The use of natural light displays Nigel’s genuine ability to capture feeling whilst being light on the foot.


These fun and colourful images were shot by Elise for Femfresh. The team set up in the studio with party props and coloramas for a zesty quirk!

Erik was approached by Green Haus Agency to harness the beauty of Newport Beach for a campaign designed to engage with peoples imagination.

With one eye dedicated to creating a visual masterpiece, and the other contemplating the creation of accompanying motion. This shoot, as with many of his other projects this year showcase a rich ability to switch from constant lighting to directing the action of play out rather than encouraging held poses.