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The heritage of martial arts in Japan is very sacred. All Dojos (a hall or space for immersive learning or meditation. Traditionally in the field of martial arts, the term literally means “Place of the Way” in Japanese) have a shrine and the sport is revered across the country.

Here is a glimpse into Nigel’s experience.


New work from Beate for Vogue UK, in collaboration with the expert jewellers at Vashi.

The creative team selected parchment paper in various textures and tones to create an elegant mise en scene to harmonise with the jewellery. However, the team experimented with brasher approaches and used some darker card and even torn paper to give each product its own visual identity.

Marco Walker shot this range of images for House of Muamua from a boat on the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park.

The amazing Christo installation acts as a backdrop but it was not all smooth sailing! Marco described shooting from the boat as very tricky, especially with strong winds pushing them away from the installation and the rocking back and forth leaving everyone with sea legs for the rest of the day!

Beate collaborated with a team of filmmakers to produce this exquisite video worthy of a stint on the TV as a true Ad campaign.

By the end of the shoot, the team, the studio and almost every inch of equipment were caked in glitter. Not a bad way to spend your day…

Nostalgia is Beates latest personal series.

Produced part in camera, then finished in retouch. It harmonises studio shot flowers, fabrics and lens flare with naturally captured images of the sky.

Beate comments ‘ I was inspired by the emotional and visual interpretation of smell and memory. I am intrigued by their strong and profound link with each other. This is my attempt to visualise the deep longing, to understand our emotions, nature and life in the universe itself. It is about the fleeting glimpses of discovery, insights and forgetting again.’

Sony commissioned Nigel for a lifestyle shoot to promote their new Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones.

The team even acquired permission to shut down Gatwick Express for their carriage scene #PrivateCarriage

“What’s Left Behind’ is photographer Elise Dumontet’s latest personal project in collaboration with Lauren Kay, Stephanie Staunton & Milk Management.

Using fake tan the team creates imprints using the following humorous products:
A Vivienne Westwood necklace.
A Tatty Devine lightning bolt.
A Chanel watch.
A pair of Gucci glasses.

Amit & Naroop shot this personal series with mixed martial arts expert, Harry Shaw.

This moody location was picked to denote the artist’s determination and dedication to his discipline.

The team also created an accompanying motion clip of the gritty outdoors training session, which you can see below.


New personal work from Beate in collaboration with stylist Gemma Therese Pearce.

This series aims to inspire the possibility of new and futuristic flavours, in endlessly exciting combinations. The use of sculptural forms and directional lighting, similar to that of an exhibition piece, is used to dramatise the scene.

Marco Walker takes part in ‘The Billboard Creative‘ city-wide exhibition, interjecting art into the Los Angeles skyline.

Marco’s image was shot in Palm Springs, using infrared film to create a distorted view of the landscape. The enhanced depth and contrast sit in juxtaposition with the linear architecture of Kings Point Community, which was designed by famous mid-century architect William Krisel.