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A symbol of tradition and luxury, Bernardaud embodies one of the most innovative forms of French know-how. Peter Lippmann celebrates the ‘Théière Cabas de Bernardaud’ in his new film shot with Patrice Jean-Baptiste.

The latest personal project from Beate. ‘Stream of time’ is an examination on the passage of time, the stop-motion clips consist each of between 42 – 94 stills.

The music that accompanies the back and forth motion was specially composed to flow and unite sound and vision.

Nigel never misses an opportunity – and so we are not surprised that he has spent the winter gathering this personal mix of sun-filled footage. The reel is shot using a mixture of hand held, drone and underwater equipment, which together shows off some great moments that would be great for any brand wanting to add to their marketing campaign. Now we just need the sunshine...

Beate Sonneberg’s latest stop motion film utilises undulating light and the minimalist form. “I hope you can imagine the way light moves as the motion of inhaling and ex-hailing”


Guy Farrow shot the Remington advert, for their campaign ’80 years Young’. The project was to celebrate the companies 80 year’s of ‘firsts to market’ with their ever evolving range of products.


Peter shows us his talents are not limited to just the studio by taking motion cameras, installed in drones and flying them over Champagne Jean Josselin’s rolling hills. The final advert as you can see is exquisite.


Peter’s latest commission stepped away from stills and headlong into the world of motion with juicy fruits.

Peter’s latest work for Gala Magazine, which also incorporates a motion element for use across its digital platforms.