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Owen Harvey has been making work for ‘All Change Photographic’ a project that he set up last year. There’s 13 photographers involved in the project, shooting across London, documenting the various communities that make London what it is, a culturally rich capital. ⁣

Owen has been focusing on hopeful Imams, who are currently in the process of 7 years of intensive study. ⁣

“It’s been interesting visiting their community, where they live and study for the duration of their course and trying to get an understanding of this group of British youth culture and why young men (often 17-25), dedicate their life to religion. “⁣

Keep updated with the project here: @allchangephotographic

Will Douglas shot this series whilst swimming off the coast of Skye with cold water swimmer and surfer Sophie Hellyer⠀

Sophie describes cold water swimming as “an unexpected combination of adrenalin rush and a sense of calm. A chill that squeezes the air out of your chest and a simultaneous fire pumping through your veins.”⠀

Nigel shot this series of bikers in the Autumn whilst traveling with friends in the UK. The use of natural light displays Nigel’s genuine ability to capture feeling whilst being light on the foot.


Nigel took aim at flying chunks of mud and surfing bicycles for Cycle Surgery winter 2017/18.

The team travelled to Scotland’s Glen Coe in the bitter cold of winter to capture the experience.

Nigel never misses an opportunity – and so we are not surprised that he has spent the winter gathering this personal mix of sun-filled footage. The reel is shot using a mixture of hand held, drone and underwater equipment, which together shows off some great moments that would be great for any brand wanting to add to their marketing campaign. Now we just need the sunshine...

Nigel photographed this winter wear collection for Snow & Rock around the stunning lakes and landscapes of Vancouver.

The aerial shots were captured by a drone. Now a regular part of Nigel’s kit.

Nigel shot this series for Carling across two locations in a single day.

The crew descended on a bar in South West London at the crack of dawn, before moving onto a house in the afternoon. To create the impression of sunset and warmth, Nigel used a large lighting rig.

This had to be a believable, ‘down to earth shoot’. To achieve this, street cast models stand-in for regular blokes in the pub.

Nigel shot the latest Hunter ware for Snow & Rocks Autumn season.

The team travelled to a boulder covered beach to photograph Hunters colourful clothing. The meme draws from the brands blend of fashion and durability.

Nigel treks through the Canadian wilderness for the latest Snow & Rock campaign with Canada Goose.

The team took to the air and water with drones & kayaks.