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The Sunday Times Style asked Beate Sonnenberg to photograph the newest hair range from Sisley.

With the new product being all about ‘Health & Hair’, Beate created a futuristic/medical look reminiscent of 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Beate’s latest personal project explores surface tension. The balance between liquid and solid merging.


“I was exploring how the combination of different liquids, textures and powders can create suspended/abstract moments in time:
Much like how a water-boatman walks on water. There is a fine line between the surface tension and that of the water droplets breaking.”

With popping colour and raised vantage points, Beate creates graphic shapes for this weeks Sunday Times Style Magazine.

Drawing on the works of Rothco, Beate interlocks colour to guide the eye through frame.


London photographer Beate Sonnenberg uses light refraction to enhance form and shape in her latest commission for Lumene.



Elise goes tribal for Boots with her latest beauty images.

Working with natural fibres and soft tones, emphasis is placed on the natural ingredients and a primal beauty.


Elise has been testing the water with this creative post produced series.

YSL, On Rouge.

Luxurious skin care, photographed for the upcoming promotional campaign.