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Elise Dumontet recently shot the beauty campaign for the launch of Amazon’s new budget make-up range.

The ethos behind this new ‘find’ range is that we should “celebrate and accentuate our individuality”

Beate shoots THE gift guide for Elle Magazine.

Beate recently shot this personal work with dream like intent, in situ.

Beate shot this graphic image for Marie Claire’s October issue.

Beate Sonnenberg recently photographed Aventus by Creed for Vogue.

This double page feature was shot using multiple passes.



Beate works with Ghost Fragrances to create a series of rainbow stills and stop motion.

Elle Magazine recently commissioned this salute to the summer to promote Stella McCartney’s latest fragrance. Beate’s incorporating of the coloured perspex was very much inspired by the fragrance’s name ‘Pop’.