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Marco Walker shot this range of images for House of Muamua from a boat on the Serpentine lake in Hyde Park.

The amazing Christo installation acts as a backdrop but it was not all smooth sailing! Marco described shooting from the boat as very tricky, especially with strong winds pushing them away from the installation and the rocking back and forth leaving everyone with sea legs for the rest of the day!

Beate collaborated with a team of filmmakers to produce this exquisite video worthy of a stint on the TV as a true Ad campaign.

By the end of the shoot, the team, the studio and almost every inch of equipment were caked in glitter. Not a bad way to spend your day…

Sony commissioned Nigel for a lifestyle shoot to promote their new Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones.

The team even acquired permission to shut down Gatwick Express for their carriage scene #PrivateCarriage

“What’s Left Behind’ is photographer Elise Dumontet’s latest personal project in collaboration with Lauren Kay, Stephanie Staunton & Milk Management.

Using fake tan the team creates imprints using the following humorous products:
A Vivienne Westwood necklace.
A Tatty Devine lightning bolt.
A Chanel watch.
A pair of Gucci glasses.

For Nigel’s first trip to the gym in a while! Runners Need commissioned him for a series of powerful portraits and action shots based in a gym environment.


Seedlip commissioned Rob to capture a whole range of beautifully crafted and creative drinks for the release of their cocktail book, which launches in November 2018.

Published by Penguin, it is set to give the public a richer understanding of Seedlip and its uses, the worlds first non-alcoholic distilled spirit.


Nigel and his team set off on an epic adventure for the latest Cotswold shoot.

Destination: Iceland.

This was just the kind of rough, rugged and vast expanse of landscape that Nigel was looking for. Using aerial drones, the legendary Land Rover and a team capable of scaling the breathtaking ice crevasses, Nigel shot Cotswold equipment & clothing against the raw extremes of this beautiful destination.

Gala perfume is the latest series to emerge from Peters collaboration with Gala Magazine. The blend of still life photography and moving image creates complications of its own but Peter and his team circumnavigate these to build in a complicated set of shattered glass.

Off the back of Nigel’s successful Puma shoot with F1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, he set to work with these additional shots.

Here he works with a group of track and field athletes to draw further on the power and prowess of the athletic physique. The urban setting turns the plain into a geometry playpen, with concrete suntraps in every corner.