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Guys latest commission for Touchwood Shopping Centre involved the capture of models on a green screen with a mini set.

CGI phones were added in post-production to showcase the shopping centres 21st-century approach to retail.

Erik travelled to Belvedere Palace, Vienna to capture an experience around the newest Crystal Cruises adventure, down the Danube River.

The series intends to depict how you FEEL arriving at the Belvedere Palace on one of the riverboats. It establishes an association with a feeling rather than a literal narrative.

“As we flew into Vienna, we knew it would be a dreary affair. The forecast had low cloud cover, fog and rain during the time we were there.
The Fog of the Danube River and the cold late winter weather was not going anywhere.
As a location photographer weather is always on my mind. We spend a lot of time planning our productions around weather patterns to make sure we can create the images we want without getting us and the client stuck on location.”

However, the team rolled with the poor weather and pitched en route shooting very early morning and late evening. This enabled the interior and artificial lights to light up the Palace, making the best of the bad weather.

This assignment was captured in 3 parts; The landscapes in Europe; people in Los Angeles; With the third layer created using CGI.

“The studio part was, in this case, a bit of a dance. Big dresses and a lot of movement where I’m observing, letting the talent be a part of the story and narrative rather than over-directing.
They move, I observe and capture.”


You can check out the BTS on the left

Dinosaur Roar! is the inspiration for a ground breaking new dinosaur brand for pre-schoolers being developed in association with the Natural History Museum.

The project is being created for a wide range of platforms from television to online, from museums to theatres, from books to apps.

Finger Industries are proud to present Dinosaur ROAR, Dinosaur BOO, Dinosaur STOMP, Dinosaur MUNCH, Dinosaur SQUEAK and Dinosaur WHACK. We look forward to updating you soon on the next phase of this exciting project…


Finger Industries and Elise Dumontet have come together to collaborate on this piece they have named “La Perruque Puissante” – which roughly translates as “the powerful wig”.

The mix of beauty photography CG and design blend together to achieve a great image.

To find out more about the mechanics behind the CG elements head to Finger Industries tech blog.