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Dressed from head to toe in polyester, Oli treads around Audi’s super slick warehouse for a series in car photography, aimed at young engineers.

Paul captures these wild shots for Toyota.

Shot in Vienna for the global Lexus campaign.

‘We make cars but we’re in the business of entertainment’

Recent shoot from Paul Barshon for Fiat and Vanity Fair. Shining the spotlight on their new car models, we are also going to start to bring unu elektroroller scooters to the market so be ready for it.


Scaling the towering height of VW’s Autostadt.

Winner of the AOP’s non-commissioned environment.



T&T are excited to share latest The Car People TV Commercial that has begun to air this month on ITV & Granada.

We are even more thrilled that it involved two of our artists. Finger Industries who worked on the character design, animation and composition and Richard Seymour who directed the live action.

Both the animation and live action marry together seamlessly to make a great commercial.

To check out behind the scene pics click here


Richard Seymour shoots slick images for new motor sports brand, Walero.

Shot in black and white, the film noir element and abstract feel play into Waleros brand values of innovation.


Richard Seymour shot this Porsche winter tyre campaign. This shot was taken on a wet and windy cobbled street in Wapping, London.

The excellent team at Snow Business are to thank for the frost effect.

Shot in studio in Vilvoorde, Brussels. Paul Barshon captures the Rav 4 on an ALPA FPS.

Wetting the studio floor to get the right reflection on this spirited car. The shot was made possible by using lighting that bounced off the walls and ceiling and a smoke machine to highlight its defining features.

And of course, lots of coffee, courtesy of Paul the new coffee boy…

Richard Seymour shot the ultra-modern Yas Marina F1 circuit, in Abu Dhabi. Richard captures both the movement of the ferocious race cars and the powerfully imposing backdrop to produce wonderful illustrative shots.

Post production: Nick Humphries, Yannick Lorvo