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    +44 20 7370 0712

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    SHED Studios, Workspace 1

    8 Lee St, E8 4DY

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    And it is not the only one. Aided and abetted by the new building, a few artists have gone big. At one end of the fifth floor overlooking the Hudson River, Samara Golden has installedmirrors that reflect dilapidated interiors a sauna, a corporate workout room, a grimy bathroom into infinity.

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    Over some kids stealing a car, obviously, that a crime worth some arrests, but to risk that much with that many people all around over a stolen car? Lee said.Nine year old Caleb has a swollen brain and the 5 year old has a broken elbow. According to Lee, the kids mother suffered internal bleeding and a broken pelvis.According to police, the 16 year old who was driving the stolen vehicle and two 15 year olds were arrested following the crash. They also said the gun recovered from the suspects was fake.A gofundme page has been created to help the Lee family with medical expenses.